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This blog is mostly about Klaine (Glee) and Darren Criss (his voice), but also Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. Read more on the "About..." page.

Klaine is my OTP, but I'm totally in love with Drarry too. I do not multi-ship.

I don't reblog spoilers, but if I do, I always tag. Actually, I tag everything.
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Darren Criss photobombing Lea Michele at the American Horror Story: Freakshow premiere on October 5th, 2014.

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chordover Getting wild here late at night on set w @msleamichele

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Darren Criss photoboms Lea Michele at the “AHS: Freakshow” premiere

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Brain Busters: Part Deux | GLEE

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APR 25 Lea Michele and Darren Criss perform at the 19th Annual Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation’s Taste For A Cure

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