i'm tiny as fuck dude
This blog is mostly about Klaine (Glee) and Darren Criss (his voice), but also Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. Read more on the "About..." page.

Klaine is my OTP, but I'm totally in love with Drarry too. I do not multi-ship.

I don't reblog spoilers, but if I do, I always tag. Actually, I tag everything.
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shannonbryana: Selfie with the wonderful @DarrenCriss 😊😊 #whitagram #coachella #vip #indio #darrencriss #glee

shannonbryana: Selfie with the wonderful @DarrenCriss 😊😊 #whitagram #coachella #vip #indio #darrencriss #glee

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i counted how long each kurt and blaine kiss have lasted so far

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Artist: Darren Criss
Album: Livestream
Song: Happy Birthday
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I’d have wished to make something as beautiful as your gift for my birthday but I suck for photo/video editing. ._.
My thing, it’s the audios, so yeah ! Darren serenading you (well, kind of).

I wish you a beautiful day, a wonderful year, a lot of amazing things in your life and a lot of love ! You’re wonderful, never forget. 

I want to hug you right now but I can’t, so, Darren, please, can you… ?