i'm tiny as fuck dude
This blog is mostly about Glee, but also Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. I'm definitely a huge Darren Criss (his voice) fan. Read more on the "About..." page.

Klaine is my OTP, but I'm totally in love with Drarry too. I do not multi-ship.

I don't reblog spoilers, but if I do, I always tag. Actually, I tag everything.
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shannonbryana: Selfie with the wonderful @DarrenCriss 😊😊 #whitagram #coachella #vip #indio #darrencriss #glee

shannonbryana: Selfie with the wonderful @DarrenCriss 😊😊 #whitagram #coachella #vip #indio #darrencriss #glee

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i counted how long each kurt and blaine kiss have lasted so far

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I’d have wished to make something as beautiful as your gift for my birthday but I suck for photo/video editing. ._.
My thing, it’s the audios, so yeah ! Darren serenading you (well, kind of).

I wish you a beautiful day, a wonderful year, a lot of amazing things in your life and a lot of love ! You’re wonderful, never forget. 

I want to hug you right now but I can’t, so, Darren, please, can you… ?